How to Price a Sod Job

How to Price a Sod Job

How to Price a sod job

Pricing a Sod Job

I get a lot of emails and phone calls about this so Iím going to tell you how we do this for a basic job. Please donít email me and tell me thatís too cheap or too expensive, etc. Iím just trying to give you the basics hereÖ

For a Bermuda sod job, laid with mini rolls, I will price the lawn at just about double how many pallets it will take. For instance, if it is going to take 27 pallets to do the job, then Iím going to charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $5400.00. I pretty much follow this rule for any basic sod job using Bermuda (thatís what we do the most of). Youíll have to play with the numbers for your area to see what works for you but this should get you started.

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