Lawn Trailers

Lawn Trailers for Your Lawn Care Business

Choosing a Lawn Mower Trailer


A trailer is one of the first things you have to have when you get serious about your lawn care business.

The great thing about a lawn trailer vs. just a truck is you can drop the trailer at the end of the day and still have full use of your truck.

There are two types of lawn trailers to consider fro your lawn care business. They are an open trailer or an enclose trailer.

You don't have to buy a new trailer. It's very hard to wear out a lawn trailer.

With a little cleaning and some new paint you can make most any trailer that is in decent shape look brand new again.


Here's a few things to check for when looking to buy a used lawn trailer:

Broken Welds

Worn out wheel bearings

Bad wiring for lights, etc (or no wiring at all)

Worn out tires

Safety chains

A way to lock the tongue of the trailer


Trailers with that have low sides make it a easier to load and unload equipment but the low sides do not offer very good equipment security. If your trailer will be sitting our in the open I would definitely consider locking down all of your equipment.

This is one thing you don't have to worry about if you have an enclosed trailer.


One add on you may consider that is absolutely fantastic is a gate lift assist.

What this does is make the gate feel very light and open and close easily. The way this works is there is a spring loaded cable that attaches to you gate. It doesn't matter if you are opening or closing it "helps" and therefore makes it so you can open or close your gate literally with one finger!


I started with what turned out to be a trailer that was too small. I would not buy a single axle trailer and I wouldn't buy one without electric brakes. Take this advice for what it's worth but if you buy too small you will regret it sooner than later.


To me looks are important. I think it's hard to ask top dollar when you look like you don't have a dollar to your name. If you have clean, nice looking equipment you can ask more. You look like a professional and you will be treated like one.


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